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History of Chandbaliyan 

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Chandbali is a name that brings a smile to our faces. Chandbaliyan is the crescent moon-shaped jewellery article that creates a plethora of beautiful intricate jewellery for traditional attire. These stunning types of jewellery come with the verbal form of traditional royal elegance that ages back to the history of India. We all know chandbali is a significant part of our jewellery collection. However, where exactly has this art come from, what serves as its inspiration, and how did this design take shape?  

Origin of chandbali:

Chandbali is a creation brought to India by the Mughals and has an Islamic significance. Nevertheless, As we know Chand means “Moon” and bali means ” Earrings”.Chandbali is also a sign of unity between the multi religious country as elements of Islam and Hindu religions join hands to create a jewellery artistic masterpiece. Rajasthan’s royal dynasty of Rajput Gharana is one of the major sectors where chandbali jewellery was carved, but however, the oldest traces of chandbali jewellery is definitely in Hyderabad. 

Hyderabad is a centre of Mughal influence, and the chandbali art form of jewellery was brought to India by the Mughals, who then settled in Hyderabad. Like biryani, Hyderabad is also known for its jewellery. The chandbali is an amalgamation of the crescent moon being the eye-catching detail while the crystal stones and pearls. Hyderabad is also known as the city of pearls and an epitome of culturally rich articulates of art, cuisines, jewellery and culture. 

Why it is famous:

Chandbali is the most intricately designed jewellery and signifies the associated traditions and customs of India’s religious unity. While the chandbali is a design foreseen as an Islam symbolic detail, the Hindu community’s ensemble detailing accumulated in the form of beautiful jewellery. 

Chandbali has been the choice of jewellery for women all over India for ages. Firstly the alluring aura of chandbali started with the royalty of the state of Hyderabad and spread its beauty across the terrains of India, gaining momentum in Rajasthan as well as Lucknow. 

Chandbali has an influence on the pop culture of the entertainment industry as well. Regarding films, chandbali has been a vital jewellery article for bridal and ethnic makeovers for the show’s or the film’s protagonists. There are also songs on this exuberant piece of jewellery named “chaand baaliyan” that take you through the lavish aura and eccentricity of the beautiful article of jewellery. 



  1. What does Chandbali mean?

Chandbali refers to a particular design of jewellery that includes the inculcation of the crescent moon as the decisive element of the jewellery. 

  1. What is Chandbali’s design?

Chandbali’s design includes a crescent-shaped moon as a central element of the invention, inculcating different studded stones and pearls to beautify the structure. 

  1. What type of earrings is most prevalent?

Chandbali is the most popularly chosen and worn piece of jewellery in India. It is selected as a symbol of royalty, elegance and sophistication in terms of jewellery. 

  1. What are the healthiest earrings?

Earrings with the best quality material and designed with lesser weight are the healthiest earrings of the slot. 

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