About Us

Founded upon the passion for diamonds and jewellery, Totaram & Sons Jewellers is home to an outstanding collection of exceptional diamonds, gold, and gemstones. Focused on achieving excellence in all facets of design, craftsmanship & service, and providing choices to customers who seek excellent value in fine jewellery.

Since our inception, our credentials have always been second to none, and this is reflected in our wide-ranging collection of the most stunning jewellery. Each product is curated with beautiful craftsmanship in a wide range of contemporary and traditional designs and diverse styles at prices that represent exceptional value for your money.

“Add some sparkle to your wardrobe by shopping for the most gorgeous jewellery at Totaram and get the best value for your money!”

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Our Story

Hailing from the North Western part of India, Rajasthan, Totaram Ji had a piquant taste in classic jewellery embedded with diamonds and emeralds. He brought this peculiarity in crafting jewellery to Hyderabad in 1850. They were the pioneers of stunning and timeless jewellery during the Nizam ruled Hyderabad. Totarams & Sons, as it is known today, is managed by the fifth generation; Surender Gupta, Sachin Gupta, and Ambica Gupta, who strive to continue the legacy of cultural integrity and heritage imbibed in our intricate and beautiful designs. Our brand is synonymous with loyalty, personalization, and value.


Years of traditionally articulated culture designed to create totaram jewelry.


We create classic elegant jewelry that never goes off guard and relishes with time.