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Why Gold is preferred for making Jewellery?

Why Gold is preferred for making Jewellery
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Why gold is preferred for making jewellery? Why and what makes this element that crucial to us? What makes it important and why do we always abide by the element and also symbolise gold as an element of god? All these questions and more will be answered in our blog. 

Gold, the word itself brings a sense of luxury and prosperity in your mind. India, a cultural sector of traditional articulacy, states gold is one of the most profound elements and raw materials used for jewellery making. We all know that gold is more than just a material for jewellery making in our day-to-day lives.

9 Reasons why gold is Used to make jewellery

1. Tradition

One of the biggest factors that cater to the importance of gold is the fact that India has a deep-rooted tradition attached to gold. In Hinduism Gold is significant to the goddess Lakshmi, the epitome of prosperity and wealth. Therefore it is considered a good sign and omen to purchase gold as well as wear gold every day. 

2. Beauty

You will often see people wear gold to beautify themselves. During large occasions and cultural festivals, it becomes extremely important for women to dress up best for the occasion. Indian women always choose to go for a grander outlook with gold jewellery. It becomes an element of beautification for many.  

3. Prestige

Prestige – One of the most profound reasons gold is used to make jewellery. The more gold you wear the more prestige you get as a sign of wealth and prosperity. Golden jewellery is often confused with the respect a person deserves in society. This is the harsh reality of life. 

4. Hypo-allergenic

Gold is used to make jewellery because it is an element that is hypoallergenic. Hypo-allergenic means the ability to not react with your skin. One of the most logical explanations for this would be that India is a country with extreme climatic conditions and the ability of gold to be hypoallergenic makes it an important element and most crucial jewellery-making material sustainable for the environment. 

5. Versatility 

One of the biggest reasons why gold is used to make jewellery is that it has the ability to fit into any design statement and make the best out of the visual ideology of the design. Gold has a versatile feature to dynamically transform into any design, any element of jewellery as well as any shape to cater to its requirements of jewellery making. 

6. Market demand

The Indian market has a high demand for gold jewellery because of its traditional and cultural sentiment attached to the element. Therefore, the jewellery makers make sure to abide by the demand of the market to increase their underlying profits. 

7. Symbol

Gold is also a symbolic presentation of power, beauty, love and purity. This is one of the reasons why gold is used to make jewellery and sustains the highest value of jewellery in the country. The symbolic presentation makes gold valuable.  

8. Availability  

In places where gold is readily available, it is effortlessly used to make gold jewellery. This way the jewellery is cheaper and availability makes affordability easier. This is why gold is used to make jewellery. 

9. Malleability 

Gold is also the raw material that is not prone to oxidation, and has a stronger approach to its design making it less vulnerable to scratches and not discoloured. This way the jewellery made is perfect and has value for the money of investment we make. 


This brings us to the end of our discussion on why gold is used to make jewellery. We all know how gold is a universal favourite jewellery material. Get the best of your gold jewellery from Totaram and Sons

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