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What kind of jewellery to wear with the silk saree

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Saree is an elegant attire of sheer glory that radiates the essence of womanhood in the most beautiful possible way. As much as we all love sarees, as our traditional clothing soothes authentic beauty, it becomes challenging to keep up with the trends and style our sarees in the best possible way. Many of you may agree that “style is a personal expression of trending fashion”. However, in order to get your options right for your styling, here’s what you need to know about what kind of jewellery to wear with a silk saree. 

Types of jewellery you must style your silk saree with: 

1. Antique jewellery:

A piece of antique jewellery with a simple satin or plain synthetic saree works wonders for a perfect outfit look. Antique jewellery is worn to draw focus on the element of the jewellery that compliments the straight texture and colours of the saree. This way, you can make the best out of your simple saree and style it in the best possible way. 

2. Layered jewellery: 

A piece of short or long layered jewellery, whether a necklace or earrings, is one of the most profound combinations of styling jewellery with a saree. However, while choosing the right jewellery, make sure you opt for layered jewellery only when the patterns and elements of jewellery are not overpowering your outfit. That’s it, and there is a thorough analysis of how to style layered earrings for a silk saree.   

3. Temple jewellery: 

Traditional jewellery for silk saree is like a puzzle matched and made in heaven. Temple jewellery is the perfect jewellery for a silk saree. Silk sarees are the most elegant clothing apparel for festivals and traditional occasions in South India. The authentic design of cultural artistry signifies mythological tales and mystical characters embedded in the form of jewellery.  

4. Polki jewellery: 

Polki jewellery is a pioneer of authentic royalty that every bride dreams of wearing. This sparkling jewellery design is perfect for vibrant, out-of-box looks and is preferable for banarasi or Kutchi sarees. These two designs of jewellery and saree serve as excellent for the occasion, especially a daytime radiant ecstasy. Polki symbolises efficiency in royalty and cultural luxury—a perfect choice for brides and women for significant events.  

5. Pearl jewellery:

Pearls are an emblem of sophistication and persistent beauty that caters to the authentic femininity and eccentric ecstasy of womanhood. Pearl jewellery is one of the best silk saree matching jewellery which gives you a perfect evening look, simple yet elegant by all means. One must always go for the classic pearls to steal the show with traditional jewellery for a silk saree. 

6. Kundan jewellery: 

Kundan jewellery is similar to the jewellery from the Polki. Still, it is a design made up of glass design articulated with a coloured metal outlining the design shape that brings out the best of element design. These Kundan designs also serve best for lehengas and traditional silk sarees.  

7. Gemstones jewellery: 

Gemstone jewellery design includes all sapphires, emeralds, rubies and diamonds perfectly inculcated into a sophisticated designer look to bring out the best of the evening attires. Sarees like organza and chiffon are perfect to be combined with these gemstone jewellery designs. However, with time diamonds have become a simple silk saree matching jewellery to bring in the contrast and get the ombre momentum of artistic appearance in a gathering. 

Now that we have answered the question of what kind of jewellery to wear with silk saree and other variants of saree. This list of jewellery will help you get the best look with your saree and be the statement of the occasion. To get the best quality jewellery that makes you rule the room, head to Totaram and sons.  

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