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What Jewellery to Wear with Saree?

What Jewellery to Wear with Saree
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Wondering what jewellery to wear with saree? Don’t worry. We have some tips to help you get the best out of your saree and jewellery combinations that will help you uplift your fashionable look. Let’s get started. 

Jewellery is the most beautiful adornment in a woman’s attire. Women look absolutely beautiful without any embellishments, but the right jewellery makes their beauty ten times better. What jewellery to wear with a saree is a big question that occupies our minds. Jewellery comes in different elements, shapes and sizes, making them virtually fit for a certain kind of occasion and dress code. 

Different types of clothing or sarees require different types of jewellery adornments to glorify your beauty. Mismatching jewellery and sarees can turn out to be either a fashion statement or a definite disaster. So how can we keep up with the trends and stay intact with the elegant combination of the right saree and jewellery design type? Read further to find out.

Best jewellery for different types of sarees


Golden jewellery is a versatile combination of jewellery that goes well. People around the entire country adorn golden jewellery as a symbol and sovereignty of prosperity and womanhood. Many people treat gold jewellery as a necessity rather than an option for change. However, Gold jewellery can be worn during festivals and occasions clubbed with any and every kind of saree except for a few types of sarees where gold jewellery would overpower the outfit. For example- Chiffon, Satin, Lace sarees, and Georgette. These sarees have a replacement, i.e. Pearls. 


Pearls, the magnificent elegance of authentic beauty, is filled with a hint of eccentricity. Pearls are the epitome of sophistication and the exact opposite of gold and are worn in combination with a little indo-western sarees. A few examples of these would be Satin sarees, Laced sarees, Chiffon sarees and Georgette sarees. These are perfectly articulated with eccentric elegance and sophisticated perfection.    


Diamonds are the most precious and beautiful form of jewellery that will leave you sparkling and make your attire glow with confidence and pride. Now unlike any other jewellery type, diamonds are extraordinarily vertebral and dynamic that fit in any sarees and only vary according to the occasion and never according to the kind of saree. 


Temple jewellery is nothing but an ornamented jewellery design with carvings of cultural elements and mythological gods and goddesses. That is one of the reasons why it is named temple jewellery. It has multiple pendants that are engraved with beautifully detailed designs that radiate energy. This kind of jewellery is usually worn for festivals and occasions. This jewellery suits Kanjeevaram sarees, Authentic silk sarees, Pattu sarees, and Pochampally sarees perfectly. Temple jewellery originated in the Southern part of India and is most profound in the South Indian regions.   


Polki necklaces and sets are one of the most well-designed and glorious-looking jewellery that is engraved into different shapes and sizes to be sized into a design. This type of jewellery was initiated by the royalty of Rajasthan centuries ago, and ever since then, this kind of jewellery has been one of the best and most used in the Northern parts of India. Therefore the sarees originated in the Northern cities of India, as Banarasi sarees, bandhani sarees, bridal lehengas, and kotha work sarees go perfectly well with polki jewellery


This brings us to the end of this elaborate discussion on how to style your sarees by preparing them with the best possible jewellery element design. Now that you have a guide, get started and own your saree confidently. Totaram and Sons have the best collection for your different sarees. 

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