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Types Of Necklaces For Women

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Necklace is a beautiful add on to your daily attire. A well-accessorised necklace can make a simple outfit look eccentric and ready to go for any occasion. It’s already November and the wedding season is around the corner. It is time to add in some beautiful ethnic jewellery to your collection and get started with your wedding look right away. Before we begin discussing wedding jewellery attire it is very important to understand the importance of the right type of necklace for the right occasion. So let us get started with the different types of necklace for women.

Different types of necklaces:


Choker necklaces are trending this season, from pearls to beads and even diamonds chokers are ruling. Pearl chokers go well for a sleek elegant evening look, whereas the diamond choker gives a rich look for wedding nights/receptions creating an inevitable spark to your outfit.

Rani haar:

Rani haar is a long necklace that is usually layered with a shorter necklace to give a grand maharani look. These necklaces are either single-line, dual, triple or multiple lines long necklace backed with a big artistic pendant. It comes in the form of beads and pearls with an eye-catching pendant that will be the star of your outfit.

Temple Jewelry:

Traditionally articulated, this form of the necklace is a pure depiction of the cultural backdrop of temples in India. These forms of necklaces have pendants that tell stories with the detailed craft of design on the pendants. South Indian art of making dolls in jewellery portray the culture of traditional India. A beautiful silk saree with temple jewellery goes well for a typical Indian wedding or pooja.

V necklace:

V necklace is a type of necklace for women that compliments the neckline of the dress and gives a sharp look. These necklaces come in different types and go well for all occasions, unlike the other necklaces. A good boat neck or round neck dress will be the best combination for V necklaces. A definite must-have jewellery.  

Long U necklace:

A long U necklace is a saviour for short girls. These necklaces make the torso long, eventually helping in making shorter people look tall. The long U necklace goes well with V-neckline dresses or a traditional silk saree.

Now that you have a list of Different types of necklaces to choose from, go ahead with your favourite according to your assimilated outfit and buy your best necklace from Totaram & sons‘ collection of Necklace for women .

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