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Top Jewellery to Wear with Kurti

Jewellery to Wear with Kurti
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Jewellery is the adornment that captivates the functionality of articulated beauty and togetherness. A lot of people often get confused and forget about the plethora of jewellery options available for ethnic kurtis and end up going ahead with the same mediocre jewellery. Looking for a change in style? Do you also want to experiment with different kinds of jewellery and add on the pinch of gladiating authenticity acquiring the shiny beauty of trending ideation? We will list out all the different kinds of jewellery to wear with kurti that cater to your ethnic wear requirements. 


1. Statement Earrings

Frame Your Face with Elegance When it comes to ethnic kurtis, statement earrings are a match made in heaven. These eye-catching accessories add a touch of glamour and instantly draw attention to your face. Choose from a variety of options like chandelier earrings, jhumkas, or intricate danglers, depending on your style and the occasion. Opt for vibrant colours and ornate designs to create a striking contrast against your kurti.

2. Chunky Necklaces

Make a Bold Style Statement For those who love making a statement with their jewellery, a chunky necklace is a must-have accessory. Pair your ethnic kurti with a statement necklace featuring bold, intricate designs and vibrant gemstones. This piece of jewellery can instantly transform a simple kurti into a head-turning outfit. Whether it’s a traditional choker or a layered necklace, let your necklace steal the show!

3. Bangles and Bracelets

Embrace Traditional Charm No ethnic ensemble is complete without the timeless elegance of bangles and bracelets. These adornments add a touch of tradition and femininity to your kurti look. Choose from a wide range of options, such as metal bangles, glass bangles, beaded bracelets, or even a stack of delicate gold or silver bracelets. Mix and match different textures, colours, and sizes to create a unique combination that suits your style.

4. Maang Tikka

Grace Your Forehead with Radiance To add a regal touch to your ethnic kurti outfit, consider adorning your forehead with a stunning maang tikka. This traditional piece of jewellery consists of a pendant or a decorative piece attached to a chain that rests along the hairline. Whether you opt for a subtle and dainty design or a more elaborate one, a maang tikka is sure to enhance your overall look and give you an air of elegance.

5. Nose Ring

Embrace Traditional Charm If you’re feeling adventurous and want to embrace the true essence of ethnic fashion, don’t forget to consider a nose ring. This beautiful accessory adds a touch of tradition and culture to your kurti ensemble. Choose from various styles, such as a simple stud, a hoop, or a delicate chain with a pendant. Just make sure to select a nose ring that complements your facial features and personal style.

6. Anklets

Complete Your Look from Head to Toe To truly complete your ethnic kurti look, pay attention to your feet as well. Anklets are a delightful addition that adds a touch of femininity and grace. Opt for delicate chains adorned with bells or charms for a subtle jingle that will catch everyone’s attention. Whether you’re wearing sandals, flats, or heels, anklets add a touch of elegance and complete your look from head to toe.


Now that we have listed down the most brilliant options to adorn yourself the next time you wear a traditional Indian kurti, get your hands on the intricate art and delicate design of all these jewellery adornments from Totaram and Sons to get started with a brand new style that will elongate your beauty. 

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