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The Ultimate Guide to Rose Cut Diamond

rose cut diamond
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Diamonds are ladies’ best friends, isn’t it? We all know how rose cut diamond jewellery is one of the dream adornment essential jewellery articles for our dream jewellery making. As much as diamonds are a precious piece of art for jewellery making, it also requires an important integration and purposeful detail of skill and craftsmanship to articulate the jewellery-making process. There are different kinds of diamonds, different kinds of cuts and various types of techniques to inculcate the same into jewellery that is a perfect piece of art. We all love diamonds and one of the most loved diamond cuts is rose cut diamonds. Do you know why exactly people prefer rose cut diamonds? Let’s get into detail about the history, colours and importance of this jewellery.


A rose cut diamond is characterised by a flat back and a domed top with several triangular facets on it. This stunning design gives the diamond an exquisite appeal. Depending on the situation, the number of these facets can range from 3 to 24 and culminates in a single apex at the top. The origin of the term “rose” comes from the resemblance of its facets to a rose bud opening up. This gives the diamond its classic and romantic look.

The rose cut diamond is characterised by a flat back, which provides two distinct advantages. Firstly, it brings out the sparkle of the diamond as more of its surfaces can reflect light. Secondly, it gives the diamond an overall lower profile than other cuts. A faceless gem has an undeniably unique and elegant look, with its glass-like transparency that is far different from the eye-catching sparkle of full-cut diamonds. Its tranquil presence gives these gems a magical and ethereal aura.

Another benefit of rose cut diamonds is that they don’t have any “junk in the trunk” so all of their carat weight is on top. This makes a rose cut diamond look bigger than a full-cut diamond with the same carat weight when viewed from above. By having a larger surface area as compared to other diamonds, none of the carat weight is stored below the girdle in this diamond, allowing for an even more impressive sparkle. 

You can find rose-cut gems in a variety of shapes such as round, oval, pear, marquise & freeform. These are extremely popular and can be crafted to create different looks.


The oldest known evidence of rose cut diamond jewellery was found back in the 1500s during the Georgian and Victorian eras. These were well-known for antique cuts that started the underlying trends revolving around the beauty of this jewellery. These kinds of diamonds would dazzle under candlelights, which was a prominent element in the evening balls and events of that century. These rose cut diamonds have large wide facets that give them the structure, of a rose. The cutting of these diamond is performed in low light conditions to give out the best output of rose cut diamond jewellery that significantly radiate beautiful light.  

One of the biggest reasons why rose-cut diamonds are perfectly stabilised and adorned over all the other diamond cuts is because the artists or craftsmen who work out different techniques to cut the diamond make sure they preserve as many carats as possible of the original weight. They follow the diameters and profound technique of diamond crystal instead of being or choosing a variant perfectly round. 


The clarity of rose-cut diamonds gives out an eccentric transparency that cannot go unnoticed. These rose cut diamonds come in different colours like black, champagne, opaque, and rustic colours all to make your attire beatified and adorned. Initially, the colour preferred was slightly off-white over the flashy white to make it easier to cover the defects or cracks of the same. Today we have evolved to accept the broken as beautiful and thus bring us different colours of Rose cut diamonds to adorn ourselves with. 


Rose-cut diamond jewellery is one of the most precious because of the following reasons: 

  • These diamonds sit closer to the skin than other cuts giving in a sense of intimacy and belongingness.
  • Its cut makes the light reflect and radiate an enormous glow that intensifies the soft sparkle- It’s light, delicate, and versatile. 


Now that you know how precious rose cut jewellery is, get your hands on the best rose cut diamond jewellery from Totaram and Sons. Diamonds glorify your attire to the best possible extent and make you glow. 

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