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The History and Significance of Engagement Rings: Symbols of Love

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Engagement rings have a lot of significance in this era. They are defined as a symbol of love and respect for each other. There is a wide range of categories indulged nowadays. Diamond rings, gold rings, and even platinum rings with fashionable styles are available.

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings have a wide range of historical significance and traditions. Let’s look at the historical background of these beautiful rings first.

Historical Background

The history of engagement rings might surprise you, they were considered as a mark and sense of ownership to the Romans and Egyptians in the early 2nd century. There were no fancy rings 3000 years back, it was an iron ring that first came into light and was thereafter named as an engagement ring.  

Diamond Rings

Diamond ring was first ordered by Archduke Maximillian . He gifted the first- ever diamond ring to his wife. The rings were considered strong and beautiful to wear. In this generation diamonds are considered as a symbol of love and commitment. There are also different diamond shape trends that are going in the market today like Emerald, cushion, round, and oval cuts.

Ring Styles

1.Cluster Rings

Cluster rings are rings that are set with multiple diamonds surrounded by one larger stone in size. They are also popular for the sentimental reasons which are involved within the families.

2.Solitaire Rings

Solitaire rings highlight the beauty of the stone. The significance of this stone represents the “singular love that partners have for each other.” The modern shapes of the solitaire rings are very eye catchy and attractive for the new bride and groom to be.

3.Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are for brides and grooms who want to go unique with their style. The diamonds go all the way around the ring. They symbolise everlasting love between the partners.

4.Three stone setting

The three stones can be gifted for engagements, anniversaries, or any occasion. The three stones in the ring depict the couple’s past, present and future. You can also customise these rings according to your preferences by adding beautiful stones to the rings.

5.Shank/Split Shank

The “shoulders” of a ring’s band, which rise to the central stone, are referred to as the shank. The band on either side of the ring splits in half before merging with the centre gemstone in a split shank style.

6.Halo Setting

Boosts the diamond’s appearance and makes it look even more pretty.  It holds the diamond well and has a good grip compared to all other rings. Therefore, a halo setting can be a method to save money on a smaller-carat diamond without compromising the ring’s overall aesthetic.


There are various styles, shapes, and diamonds in this world. What you choose depends upon your personal choices, interests etc. The engagement ring is and will always be a reminder of your constant love and respect you have for your partner.

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