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The Art Named Polki

totaram -The Art Named Polki
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We live in a time of minimalism and simplicity, and many brides prefer a more understated jewelry look. However, the thrill of going full-on glam for your wedding, wearing the most beautiful Polki jewelry and outfit, is unrivalled. While the most crucial aspect of wedding attire is wearing a stunning outfit, your jewelry adds flair to the ensemble and helps complete the look. Given the plethora of styles and designs available these days, purchasing jewelry can be a daunting task. On the other hand, Polki Jewellery & big polki jhumkas have been around for decades and continue to make the most noise.

What exactly is Polki?

Polki is a raw, near-earth-mined diamond that is uncut and unpolished on one side and cut to a slightly convex, curved shape on the other.

What Does the Term “Uncut” Mean?

Uncut diamonds are simply those that have not been faceted or shaved to have geometric faces like polished diamonds, commonly seen in shapes such as emerald-cut, cushion-cut, princess-cut, and so on. Faceted diamonds undergo several processing stages before emitting light and achieving high-shine brilliance. This is why uncut diamonds do not sparkle as much as faceted diamonds do, but they do have an unrivaled raw, old-world charm of their own.

Polki jewelry & big polki jhumkas are made with gold foil and intricate designs on the back. These gold foils are then wrapped around the uncut diamonds. Polki is thus a timeless and classic style of Indian jewelry, making it a good investment frequently passed down as family heirlooms.

Brief History of Polki :

This craft of uncut diamonds in jewelry dates back approximately 2500 years when it was brought to India by the Mughals, after which it made its way to the courts of the Rajputs and, later, to royal families throughout the country. All of these royals adapted the polki technique to their tastes.

Polki jewelry is still considered valuable today, as evidenced by its high price. The most skilled hand-done Polki technique is currently practiced in Bikaner, Rajasthan. Gujarat is the second-best place in the world for Polki jewelry after Rajasthan.

When Should You Wear Polki Jewelry?

Polki jewelry is made with uncut, raw diamonds and has a basic cut and polish. While this jewelry appears surreal, it will not be as shiny and full of sparkles as your diamonds. The best part about Polki jewelry is that it has meenakari work on the underside, which adds elegance and beauty to the piece. So, if you’re thinking about wearing Polki jewelry, you should read on to find out when you should wear it. The question is what I can wear with polki jhumkas or jewelry.

1. If You Want to Wear Unique Jewelry

Polki jewelry & Polki jhumka earrings are made primarily of uncut, raw diamonds. Each piece is considered one-of-a-kind. It is also in high demand because the details are so rare and untouched that they are unique. So, if you’ve always wanted to wear jewelry that no one else can replicate, we recommend Polki jewelry.

2. Jewellery with a Regal Appearance

Some designs of polki jhumka earrings can make you look regal and grand. We recommend wearing Polki jewelry if you want to stand out on your wedding day. Polki jhumka will not only make you look royal but will also make you feel like royalty. On your wedding day, prepare to channel your inner maharani!

3. If You Want To Wear Bright Jewels

With new trends emerging, you can wear rubies, green stones on your big polki jhumkas, and stunning-looking colorful jewels on your wedding day. A polki can be a great addition to your look if you’re planning on wearing a bright wedding lehenga to your Mehendi function or wedding day!

Now answering the question: What I can wear with Polki jhumkas, it is simple to style it with ethnic wear or semi-formals to give an elegant cultural look and bring out the femininity of your personality. Totaram and sons have a collection of Polki jewellery to suit your taste and preferences. 

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