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How to store and preserve diamond jewellery?

How to store and preserve diamond jewellery
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Diamonds are the most beautifully crafted eccentric elements of sophisticated jewellery, bringing the authentic coordination of sparkling intricacy. Diamonds are every woman’s best friend. As precious as these beautiful stones are, they need to be preserved and saved to replenish their authentic beauty of these diamonds. More than just storing the diamonds in their original briefcase is required. A true diamond beauty must know how to take care of these valuable stones. Keep calm because we are here to help you understand the art of preserving diamonds. Let’s dive into the magic of keeping the precious. 


The best way to preserve your diamond jewellery is to put it away from the harmful UV rays of sunlight. This jewellery intricates need to be kept from air and humidity to prevent its shine from wearing out. 

The best way to store it is to maintain a clean and dry small briefcase that can hold the jewellery with acute delicacy and save its intricate design. 

Do not preserve the jewellery in a jewellery box for the following reasons being: 

  • These jewellery boxes have velvet which catches dust and is difficult to clean. 
  • They need more space to inculcate diamond jewellery. 
  • They need to be more spacious to provide room for different elements of the jewellery and its elaborate intricacies. 
  • They do not come with compartmentalised storage facilities. 
  • These need to be better quality jewellery storage elements.  

What can we do to store it ideally: 

The best idea is to use compartmentalised boxes where you can individually store the diamonds. You must ensure that you keep the compartments clean and store the jewellery rolled in a soft, clean cloth. This way, you will be able to hold the diamond jewellery and keep it shining forever effectively. 

Another essential thing to remember is that diamonds will shine brighter if they undergo a cleaning process at different intervals. Diamond jewellery’s sheer elegance and shimmer improve by cleaning out toxins and replenishing its beauty. I am sharing some tips to help you clean the diamonds with zero damage.


You are sharing the easiest way to clean your diamonds. Let’s get into the details of professional precious stone maintenance. 

  • Place the diamond jewellery in a bowl of warm water and gently sprinkle some soap. 
  • Soak the jewellery element for five minutes and then brush over with a soft bristle brush. 

Extra tips for maintaining precious jewellery:

  • Remove your jewellery before you step in to take a bath. Hot or cold water can have a negative impact on your diamonds, making them prone to losing their charm.
  • The harmful cosmetic products you use for your skin can affect diamonds. Therefore, wear jewellery after applying your makeup and ensure the diamonds have the slightest contact with chemicals. 
  • We state a big no to cleaning products and chemicals. These harmful products will make the diamonds transform and lose their charm.  
  • It would help if you remembered to keep the diamond jewellery out of sunlight, making it prone to discolouration and dullness. 

We are here to the end of today’s fruitful discussion on cleaning and safeguarding your collection of authentic uncut diamonds to preserve its sheer beauty and elegance. Now that you know these techniques that will be helpful to protect your endless supply of original beautiful jewellery, start using these fantastic tips immediately. Add to your collection of diamonds by getting your beautifully articulated designer jewellery from Totaram and sons. Diamonds are so precious that they will steal your heart at every glace. Make your diamonds shine like a beautiful star in the sky. 



  1. What should you not do with diamonds?

Keep them away from chemicals, sunlight and moisture. Preserve the diamonds in a cold, dry and dark place. 

2. How do I know if my diamond is good quality?

Place the diamond in cold water; if the stone is sinking, it is a natural diamond, and if it floats, it is a fake article.

3. Can heat damage a diamond?

Yes, heat can damage diamonds. It is one of the reasons why diamonds are worn for evenings because diamonds react to sunlight and lose their sparkling charm. 

4. Can the sun damage diamonds?

Yes, one of the reasons why diamonds are worn for evenings is because diamonds react to sunlight and lose their sparkling charm. 

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