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How To Measure Bangle Size: A Simple Guide

How To Measure Bangle Size
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When it comes to buying bangles, getting the right size is crucial for both comfort and style. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for a perfect gift, knowing how to measure bangle size is essential. In this Blog, we’ll walk you through simple steps to ensure you find the perfect fit. Let’s get started!

Steps to measure bangle size

Step 1: Gather the Tools

To measure your bangle size accurately, you’ll need a flexible measuring tape or a piece of string, a ruler, and a pen or marker. It’s important to have these tools handy before you begin.

Step 2: Determine Your Hand Size

To start, place your hand on a flat surface, palm down, and slightly tuck your thumb under your palm. This position resembles the way you wear a bangle. It’s important to note that bangles need to slide over your hand, so the measurement should be taken around the widest part of your hand, which includes your knuckles.

Step 3: Measure the Hand Circumference

Take the measuring tape or string and wrap it around the widest part of your hand, making sure it fits snugly but not too tight. If you’re using a string, mark the spot where the string overlaps. Then, lay the string flat and measure the length with a ruler. This measurement represents the circumference of your hand.

Step 4: Determine the Bangle Size

Now that you have the circumference of your hand, you can determine the appropriate bangle size using a size chart. Different brands may have slightly different sizing systems, so be sure to refer to the specific brand’s size chart if available. However, a general guide is as follows:

  • If your hand circumference measures between 6-6.5 inches (15-16.5 cm), your bangle size is likely extra small (XS).
  • If your hand circumference measures between 6.5-7 inches (16.5-18 cm), your bangle size is likely small (S).
  • If your hand circumference measures between 7-7.5 inches (18-19 cm), your bangle size is likely medium (M).
  • If your hand circumference measures between 7.5-8 inches (19-20.5 cm), your bangle size is likely large (L).
  • If your hand circumference measures over 8 inches (20.5 cm), your bangle size is likely extra large (XL).

Step 5: Try On Bangle Sizes

While the size chart provides a good estimate, it’s always advisable to try on bangles before making a final decision. Visit a jewellery store or order a selection of bangles in different sizes to see how they fit. Remember, comfort is key, and the bangle should slide on easily without being too loose or too tight.

Additional Tips:

  • Consider the style of the bangle: Some bangles, like cuff bangles, are adjustable and don’t require a precise fit. Others, like closed circular bangles, need to fit snugly around your wrist.
  • Take into account the material: Different materials, such as metal or glass, may have different levels of flexibility. Ensure you choose the right size for the material you prefer.
  • Seek professional assistance: If you’re unsure about measuring your bangle size or want personalized advice, visit a jeweller who can assist you in finding the perfect fit.


Measuring your bangle size accurately ensures a comfortable and stylish fit. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to determine the correct bangle size for your hand circumference. Remember to consult a size chart and try on different sizes to find the perfect bangle. With the right size, you’ll enjoy wearing your bangles with confidence and showcase your personal style. The most beautiful designer bangles await your presence at Totaram & Sons. Happy bangle shopping!

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