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How to Choose the Perfect Piece of Jewellery for Any Occasion

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Jewellery enlightens your entire attire. The best pieces of authentically articulated Perfect piece of jewellery bring out the sheer elegance in your look and make it ten times better than before. India is a country with variations of different forms of jewellery. We have a piece of the necklace to go for every occasion, each festival and all events. The choice however can be tricky, but the results are elite. Jewellery from India is one of the best opportunities to take pride in. However, choosing the right jewellery can become tricky. Don’t worry; we are here to help you in choosing jewellery for different occasions.

Tips for choosing jewellery

Jewellery for work:

Choosing the right jewellery for work can be entirely based on your line of work. If you are dealing with a professional workspace like banking, opting for simple, elegant chains and stud earrings that will give you a professional yet classy look is feasible. However, if you are into an artistic field like films, you can play around with jewellery and outfits according to your style, taste and preferences. 

Jewellery for weddings: 

Weddings are the occasions when jewellery plays a crucial role. Big fat Indian weddings call for a whole bunch of unique royal jewellery that suits right to the puzzle. Again the type of jewellery that fits perfectly for weddings is the one that has an elegant look and radiates royalty. You can opt for a gold or meenakari maharani necklace that will elevate your face and give you the best wedding attire. 

Jewellery for evenings:

Jewellery for evenings is always the one that adds bling to the dress. A perfect piece of jewellery would be a delicate diamond necklace with small diamond studs or chandelier earrings that glow in the dark and bring elegance to the look. An elegant short shimmering necklace is the perfect jewellery for evenings. 

Jewellery for festivals:

India has a number of festivals, and each of these festivals comes with a unique culture and understanding. Dressing up according to the festival is good as well as very interesting to do. For example, It is preferred to wear gold jewellery on Diwali because the festival signifies wealth and prosperity. Similarly, at festivals like Navratri, women wear metallic or oxidised jewellery that symbolises power. Therefore, Selecting the perfect piece of jewellery is attributed to the kind of festival it has to be worn in.  

Jewellery for gifting:

Gifts are the best examples of showcasing your emotions towards your loved ones. Many people give their near and dear ones different kinds of jewellery to show their love and affection towards them. You can go for a bracelet for your dad and gold jhumkis for your mom. Similarly, you can also give a necklace to your sister and say a chain to your brother. Ring for your partner is an ideal devotion of love and promise. These options, however, vary according to your choices and preferences. Choosing the right jewellery to show your emotions is extremely important.  

Jewellery for layouts: 

Choose something subtle for your casual or day-out outfits to make them look elegant. A small silver chain and a bracelet will do wonders for your daily casual look. A simple watch and beads bracelet also looks stylish enough for the day. Opt for matching earrings that will add glow to your attire. 

Now that we have given you tips for choosing jewellery and a solution to the question of How to choose jewellery, you can get ready for a fantastic jewellery transformation. Selecting the perfect piece of jewellery will become easy like never before with Totaram & sons. Choose from a variety of options that will meet your expectations and add to your collection of effectively articulated jewellery

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