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How to Choose Jewellery for Lehenga

how to choose jewellery for lehenga
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Lehengas are the most beautiful and eccentric outfits of all time. Festivals and weddings are just a way of initiating the need to dress up in full glory and own your stunning lehenga to look like a model. But wait for a second. Lehengas are significantly glorified by the jewellery we combine with them. Lehengas are prettier with the right jewellery sustained to glorify and add to the authentic elegance of your entire well-placed outfit. In this Blog, we will discuss how to choose jewellery for lehenga.

Which jewellery suits the lehenga

The best thing to do is first to figure out the factors revolving around the choice of your lehenga and its design type. 

1. Fabric

One of the first things you must remember while choosing the best lehenga jewellery for your perfect ethnic wear is the fabric. A few materials go well with a certain kind of jewellery. For example, pearls go well with organza and chiffon, while silk and gold work wonders together.  

2. Type of lehenga

Different types of lehenga designs are suitable for different kinds of jewellery that cater to your unique style and elegance. The right type of design brings out the best of certain jewellery. For example, a V-neckline ghagra choli with a choker necklace will work best for you. Therefore keep in mind the type of lehenga you have in hand. 

3. Occasion

The occasion is crucial in integrating and putting forth the entire jeweller with the outfit. You can dress simply for festivals and grand weddings in the same lehenga, but the jewellery differs. 

What jewellery to wear with the lehenga

Now that we have discussed the deciding factors of jewellery choices, let’s get into the bigger question. How to choose the right jewellery for your lehenga? Here is everything you need to know about choosing the right lehenga jewellery to look gorgeous and stunning in ethnic lehengas.  

1. Necklace

The necklace is one of the most profound jewellery elements of all time. When it comes to ethnic wear lehengas, you must always choose the best jewellery that helps identify your attire and make it ten times more authentic. You may also choose a statement necklace that eliminates the need to combine it with earrings. You can also go with no chain if you select a lengthy statement set of earrings. 

2. Earrings

Earrings are the beautified phenomenon of elegance and eccentricity that effectively elevate your entire look with one statement. The right pair of earrings help shape your face and make it look elongated and beautiful. These days lehengas with a mix & match earrings necklace set will give you the confidence to walk across the hallway by making heads turn.

3. Bangles/Bracelets

Bangles and bracelets are optional pieces of jewellery that you may include if you are a fan of bangles/bracelets. These jewellery pieces are of no significance for long sleeve lehengas, but if used ideally with your short-length lehengas, they work wonders for your outfit. 

4. Rings

Rings are a woman’s best friend. When it comes to choosing the right ring for your ethnic wear, then get your hands on a perfectly aligned complimentary ring that will give you a statement look and bring the best out of your femininity.  

5. Kamarbandh

A few lehengas are effectively designed to be combined and beautified by a simple and elegant Kamarbandh. The sleek design of the beautiful Kamarband adds to your delicacy and smart outfit perpetual design.     

6. Payal/Anklets

The anklet is the oldest and prettiest adornment of jewellery ever to exist. A pair of payals is a lovely jewellery element that creates an aura of eccentric beauty and authenticity. 


These tips will help you decide on a piece of lehenga jewellery better and elegantly flaunt your ethnic wear. Totaram brings you the best jewellery for your lehengas and makes you look eccentrically graceful.

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