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5 Must-Have Pieces for Your Jewellery Collection

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Jewellery plays a crucial role in fashion, style and how an individual carries themselves. In order to choose the right Jewellery Collection for the right outfit and occasion one has to have an in-depth understanding of fashion, the trends that follow. One must also keep in mind their personal body type to segregate what suits them and what doesn’t. 

Making the right choice of jewelry according to the outfit and body type is an art. Jewellery has become a wider edge of trends and formulated by the short shelf life they portray to have. Most of the beautiful jewellery falls out of fashion very soon but there is always a collection of intricate designs that last irrespective of the trends and give a classic radiate look every time they are adhered in an outfit. Here are a few secrets about these jewellery that we will share with you.

Read further to get an in depth idea about these classic elements of art: 

Must-have jewellery Collection in your wardrobe:  

Sharing below a list of Key pieces of jewelry that will help you with styling according to the occasion without having to spend a lot of money on continuous purchase of trending Jewellery Collection. Let’s get started with the timeless Jewellery essentials right away: 

Layered necklaces : 

Layered necklaces are an epitome of sheer royalty in the ethnic or traditional jewelry aspect. They radiate a sense of authority and elegant power in their design intricacy. With a semi studded piece or a collection of different element gems give a beautiful masterpiece that has timeless importance. A layered necklace from the 1950’s is as beautiful or even more precious than the ones made today. This piece is an Essential jewellery segment that is a best investment for you today and forever. 

Statement choker :

Chokers have never been out of fashion ever since they were introduced. They have changed various structures but the foundation design remains the same even today. The choker necklaces are an evergreen jewelry element that makes one look younger and at the same time complements one’s face, giving it a proper structure and eccentricity. Choker necklaces come in various types like meenakari, pearls, gold, diamond studded etc. This type of necklace is a must have to your collection of Jewellery essentials. Another master element in your Must-have jewellery to make glam easy for you. 

Diamond rings :

One cannot miss out on rings when we talk about Must-have accessories in your wardrobe. Diamond rings are another element of jewelry that never goes out of style. The designs may vary but the underlying emotion of a diamond ring remains the same. Another important factor is that any diamond ring design is not ever out-dated. Every design has its own charm and thus the diamond ring is one of the Must-have accessories in a jewellery collection. 

Bracelet/Bangle :

Bangles and bracelets have their own kind of classic elegance that is irreplaceable in any dimension. The bracelets design may vary from time to time but the element is a Must-have jewellery. You can always go ahead and choose the one that suits your preference and outfit. This accessory can be used multiple times with no guilt because of the weight it carries in its design. 

Pearls : 

We don’t have to explain how beautiful pearls are in the form of jewellery, do we? The sheer elegance and sophistication this individual element portrays is beyond imagination. From the oldest period of known jewellery to the trending designs of today, pearls remain the classic, irreplaceable charm of all times. It is just smart to include it in your Essential jewellery as an element of Key pieces. 
This brings us to the end of the secret sharing session of discussing 5 Must-Have Pieces for Your Jewellery Collection. Totaram & sons comes with a collection of these essential jewelry to suit your choices & preferences. Choose wise, choose quality, choose right.

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